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July 14, 2013 § 11 Comments

A work in progress on the easel in my studio.

A work in progress on the easel in my studio.

Summer. The air is warm, the sun is hot, and the nights are breezy and cool. The past few weeks have been filled to the brim– I’ve been painting, practicing meditation, taking photographs, lovingly toiling in my garden, and reading a handful of brilliant books like George Orwell’s Burmese Days.

With my painting I have been working on a series of still lives based on objects I brought back from the Thai-Burma border. It is my intention to use the sale of these paintings to partially supplement my return to Thailand in early 2014 to resume my work with migrant youth from Burma at the Puzzlebox Art Studio.

Here are some recent images from my summer so far.

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Au revoir, Scratch-- ultimate studio buddy Scratch has moved with her owner to a new home.

Au revoir, Scratch. My studio buddy has moved to a new home.

View of Mount St. Helens from my balcony at dusk.

View of Mount St. Helens from my balcony at dusk.

Thai basil bolting violet flowers in my garden.

Thai basil bolting violet flowers in my garden, Little Fall River.

My reading room

Current favorite summer reading spot. *sigh*

Summer reading includes

Summer: A Passage to India, Burmese Days, and Guy Delisle’s Burma Chronicles.

A yellow rose at the Portland Rose Gardens.

A pretty yellow rose I fancied at the Portland Rose Test Gardens.

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§ 11 Responses to Books, Gardens, Paintings

  • your current reading spot is glorious. its finally sunny here too. i’ve been skivving off drawing and just re-reading the same books over and over.

    the painting looks great by the way. the highlights esp.

    • Mike Schultz Paintings says:

      Thanks for the encouragement, Janine. Guess what came in the mail today? Thank you so much! I love that image of the woman and just put it in a spot in my studio as a reminder to drop a post to you.

      I admit my reading set up is pretty ridiculous and totally distracting (though I removed the second chair I use as an ottoman for the photo). It stays 20 degrees cooler on that floor than in my studio– it’s a bit like an oven up there these days. What books are you re-reading?

      • Yay! I was wondering how long it would take. glad you like it!

        All my georgette heyers. And once i get through about 10 of my favs I just go back to the start. Lately i’ve been really reluctant to start a new book. but it’ll wear off shortly. i can only go about 2 rounds of re-reads before i need to find something else.

  • oliverowl says:

    You describe a wonderful, peaceful summer! Thank you for sharing the photos!

    • Mike Schultz Paintings says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. Miss you so much and am looking forward to seeing you!

  • Fantastic reading list… but it’s Burmese Days, no?

    • Mike Schultz Paintings says:

      Haha– thank you for pointing that out. What a funny slip. It’s the book I am immersed in right now and certain passages do bring back odd, dream like memories of my time living in SE Asia. The sweltering heat and whatnot. :)

  • jackbaumgartner says:

    Hey Mikey, that painting is really genius work. I love when you make something incredible like that and surprise me with it.

    • Mike Schultz Paintings says:

      Thanks, Jack. I wish I could talk with you about this one. Aspects of it are still unclear to me… Happy painting!

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